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Veterans in Construction

Veterans in Construction was established in 2015 by a group of Australian veterans who now work in the Victorian construction industry. Our primary aim is to allow other veterans get a start in the construction industry without profiteering from it.

When Australia announced the conclusion to the nation’s longest ever war with little fanfare, we acknowledged that many service personnel would look to exit the military and commence the next phase of their lives.

The current generation of veterans have served Australia honorably, with considerable sacrifice and little recognition. They face significant challenges when it’s time to reintegrate back into society after active service. Through first hand experience we appreciate it can by a tough journey.

While our Government has made improvements in the areas of psychological and physical care of injured veterans, more can be done to help the remainder of veterans gain stable employment to support their families and establish homes.

Through established industry connections, we promise veterans an opportunity to up skill, apply for a job and be seriously considered by an employer who understands their background.


Veterans in Construction will create opportunity for veterans who want a career in the construction industry through the provision of advice, mentoring support, camaraderie and connections.


If you’re a veteran who needs a hand up – register here.

If you’re a business who wants to help out – register here.

Or alternatively send us an email: